Comic 656 - Coming Home from the Job... Hunting
26th Jul 2021, 12:00 AM in Emily and the City
Coming Home from the Job... Hunting
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Author Notes:
Microraptor edit delete
Now we know what kind of worries Lora has been talking about earlier:
She's busy job hunting!

Right now Lora is coming from a job interview at Chapel Enterprises International, one of the many large companies that are based in Autumn Bay.
(Over the course of this chapter, we've heard the name of a few of the others of them already, like MARSEC/Aegis or Takira.)

Also: Yes, I've taken a liking to put mermaids in suits! Why do you ask!?

Furthermore, there's yet another Quantum Cat-themed clock!
Seriously, is Emily collecting them!?
(Don't fall, Kitty Ariane!)

And song in the last panel is Downtown...
User comments:
Zero Hour edit delete reply
Zero Hour
I can also see a pic of Bos in the background, nice page
Microraptor edit delete reply
Thank you!
And yes, that's Bos! Well spotted! We'll see this background picture more clearly in the next page.
Stilldown edit delete reply
To add another song... "tumbling dice"!
And another one... "Don't fall down"...
(Although I wonder if Emily ever noticed the striking similarity between Ariane and Kitty...)
Microraptor edit delete reply
Emily: "Hmmm, she looks kinda familiar, like somebody I've met... Ooh, I know, she looks like... Josephine Drake!"

(I guess we should be grateful that Emily didn't conclude that Kitty looks like herself, just because of their similar hair color...)
Stilldown edit delete reply
Hopefully she wont say famous last words to Ariane...
"I met someone that looks quite similar to you. Her hair is shorter then yours, but she is way taller then you..."
Microraptor edit delete reply
Amongst my characters, at least Clarissa Calabrini wouldn't do any stupid comments about Ariane's height, since she's rather short herself.
(Especially noticeable here, where she standing next to Selene.)
Stilldown edit delete reply
Although Ariane is almot 5'3 tall, she looses some height if she takes off her heels. If Clarissia is even shorter, she might already have some sympathy from Ariane without doing anything for her yet.