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Of Rats and Monsters

Can your first day at your new job be worse than being woken up by a rat? Yes.

Choc' me, Amadeus!

A cryptid terrorizes the birth town of Mozart!

Three Weeks of Solitude

Peter has to spend three whole weeks in an isolated light house. But is he really alone? Or are his senses just playing games with him?

The Beast of GĂ©vaudan

A cryptid from the history books, long believed to be dead, reappears again. What's up with that?

Tarik and the Christmas Robots

Tiny robots are turning Tarik's side job into something unexpectedly difficult...


The owner of a shipping line asks the cryptozoologists to investigate mysterious attacks on his ships...


In the Antarctic, our heroes make an extraordinary discovery...

The Ghosts of Gallenstein Castle

Mirabell and her mother Annegret spend one night in a haunted castle...

Gala Night

It's the anniversary of Gernsbeck University!


One major strike by the Doctors Ytterbium and Strontium!

Guest Weeks!

Now it's time to see the art of some guest authors!

The Road to Atlantis

The Cryptida team makes a truly outstanding discovery...

Welcome to Atlantis

The Cryptida team has finally arrived in Atlantis!

The Red Lemur

There is a new superhero in the city...

The Alchemist's Den

Peter ends up in the old kitchen of an alchemist...

The Magpie Heritage

Tarik travels to France and meets old and new friends - and foes...

The Power of Pink

A newly created magical artifact becomes the bone of contention.


What did Camilla do during World War II, anyway?

The Antique Shop

Cleo makes new friends and has her first big adventure...

A ToyCo Christmas Carol

A little three-part Christmas story...

Raiders of the Lost Apple

The Cryptida team and their foes are chasing a legendary ancient artifact.


A minotaur is setting up camp in a very special labyrinth

Cryptids in Space!

Babette and Wildebees have to deal with space parasites.

Family Secrets

Babette tries to reconcile with her father. And some other stuff is happening besides that too...

Dragon Slayers

During an exploratory trip over the River Rhine, the Cryptida team discovers that Lena Santorini and her new helpers are very busy. But what exactly is Lena planning?

The Passage

The person of whom you would least expect that gets possesed by the ghost of an old adventurer...

Phone Call for Babette

Babette and her French team get distracted from starting an important test flight with their new airship... by the telephone!

The Butterfly Ruby Heist - Part 1

C. C.-G. and Agent Rothemd travel to the 1920s for a very spezial mission...

Emily and the City

Emily and her new roommate Lora have some adventures in Autumn Bay!

Into The Deep

Lora proves that she is a good personal assistant!

The Guitar

While new students are settling in at the university, Peter has to fight his own demons...


Dr. Ytterbium gets a row of very illustrious visitors...


Karin has to take care of Cleo and Dora.

The Diary of Denise Balfour

A small intermezzo in two acts, about the adventures of Denise Balfour from Anvil Flats!

The ToyCo Cyber War

There's something very weird going on at Hase Automobiles...

The Useful Idiot

In this ToyCo mini story, we learn that Chet Harper can be useful after all.