Dramatis Personae

The Main Characters
The University People
The ToyCo People
The Relatives
Other Supporting Characters
The Villains


The Main Characters

Name: Peter Pech
Occupation: General Dogsbody at the Department of Cryptozoology, University of Gernsbeck
A man of many talents. (Though sometimes he overestimates himself.) Best friend of Tarik.


Name: Tarik Göktürk
Occupation: PhD at the Department of Cryptozoology, University of Gernsbeck
A young and insecure man, often haunted by bad luck. Best friend of Peter.


Name: Dr. Sören Lüng
Occupation: Post-Doc at the Department of Cryptozoology, University of Gernsbeck
An old sea dog. An expert in handling the harpoon. Passionate beard wearer.


Name: Kandake "Kanny" Bougainville
Occupation: Cryptolinguist at the Department of Cryptozoology, University of Gernsbeck
Language expert with a common sense. Is sometimes a bit obsessed with the lost city of Atlantis, though.


Name: Mirabell Welwitsch
Occupation: Cryptobotanist at the Department of Cryptozoology, University of Gernsbeck
Flower lover who is sometimes a bit frustrated, due to her services not being needed that often.


Name: Babette Méliès
Occupation: Engineer/cryptozoologist at the École de Techniciens Supérieurs du Jules Verne, France
Often enjoys working together with her colleagues from Gernsbeck. Steampunk aficionado.


Name: Amadeus
Occupation: Team pet
A chupacabra, was found by the Cryptida team in Salzburg. Loves chocolate.

The University People

Name: Professor Axel Lidenbrock
Occupation: Chairholder of the Department of Cryptozoology, University of Gernsbeck
The main characters' boss. Friendly, but often not entirely in the picture of what is going on.

Name: Dr. Clarissa Melissa Calabrini
Occupation: Engineer at the University of Gernsbeck
Often helps out her friends from the Cryptozoology Department. Short in stature and slightly kooky.

Name: Queen Yalala, Daughter of Bentik, Son of Pelasgik (aka Yalala Rani)
Occupation: Queen of Atlantis / University Student
Reanimated during the Cryptozoology Department's first Atlantis expedition. Has adjusted quite well to life in the 21st century.

Name: Jade Susan Doyle
Occupation: University student, Dr. Calabrini's assistant
Member of the German branch of the infamous Anvil Flats Doyles. Likes Robots.

Name: Pierre-Renard Duval
Occupation: Engineer at the Jules Verne University, later terrorist vigilante associated with Liberty International
Hates thieves. Went on a globetrotting journey of self-discovery. Grew a beard.

Name: Edeltraud "Traudi" Dix (aka Neon)
Occupation: Secretary of the Department of Cryptozoology, University of Gernsbeck / Motorbike vigilante
Boring wallflower paper pusher by day, thrill-seeking heterochromatic hero by night.

Name: Yamazaki Yukiko
Occupation: Finacial accountant at the Department of Cryptozoology, University of Gernsbeck
Works at the department on behalf of its main sponsor, the Takahashi Shipping Company.

Name: Keisha Becquerel
Occupation: Cryptozoologist at the École de Techniciens Supérieurs du Jules Verne, France
Fan of the band Poobah. Has a mother who is rather... difficult.

The ToyCo People

Name: Bettina "Tiny" Timmy
Occupation: CEO of Timmy's ToyCo
Took over the company after the assassination of her brother. Likes red bowties.

Name: Major Selene Wildebees
Occupation: Security Guard at Timmy's ToyCo
Is a veteran of the Ostrich War. Has a cat called Patton.

Name: Lena Santorini
Occupation: Department Head of Timmy's ToyCo Europe
Manipulative and ambitious. Kanny's "frenemy" whom she knows from their school days.

Name: Emily Eriksson
Occupation: Store manager & musician, later ToyCo employee
Plays a very sugary "love it or hate it" style of music. 


The Relatives

Name: Cleopatra "Cleo" Collins-Göktürk
Occupation: School kid
Tarik's niece. Is a smart kid, and likes pirates.

Name: Ceylan Göktürk
Occupation: Formerly a trade show hostess, now helps her husband run the family company
Tarik's sister, Cleo's mother. Keeps worrying about Cleo getting exposed to bad influences.

Name: Annegret Hirschland
Occupation: Gamekeeper
Mother of Mirabell Welwitsch. Taught her daughter fencing.

Other Supporting Characters

Name: Dolon
Occupation: Royal guardian, later store clerk
Queen Yalala's head guardsman - and also a bit more than that...

Name: Bos
Occupation: Hired enslaved muscle, later store clerk
Happens to be a minotaur.


The Villains

Name: Dr. Alexandra Ytterbium
Occupation: Mad scientist, formely employed at the University of Gernsbeck
Likes to combine her skills in engineering, the occult and disgusing herself for her evil schemes.

Name: Princess Kamala, Daughter of Bentik, Son of Pelasgik (aka Captain Camilla)
Occupation: Pirate
The rebellious sister of Queen Yalala. Immortal.

Name: Weasel
Occupation: Pirate
Camilla's loyal henchman. Is a bit sadistic sometimes.

Name: Dexter Duval
Occupation: Thief
Brother of Sinistra Duval. Pierre-Renard's detested cousin.

Name: Sinistra Lieselotta Duval
Occupation: Thief
Sister of Dexter Duval. Pierre-Renard's other detested cousin.

Xenon (aka Candy Armstrong)
Occupation: Mercenary & Assassin
 Archenemy of Selene Wildebees. (Well, one of them.) Often takes assigments from Drake Industries.