Comic 182 - Epilogue
6th Mar 2017, 12:00 AM in Interference
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Author Notes:
Microraptor edit delete
Judging from her shirt, the daughter seems to be fan of a certain band from another comic.... ;-)

At the end of this week, there will be an extra comic. And AFTER THAT, we'll start guest author weeks, before heading on to the next chapter!
User comments:
The Doodler edit delete reply
The Doodler
The expressions in the last panel!
Microraptor edit delete reply
One is simply happy (Ignorance is bliss!), two are rather worried, and one... is just a permanently disgruntled teenager!

(Oh, and the fifth one is an evil demon horse, of course!)
ProfEtheric edit delete reply
ProfEtheric when are we going to see this side comic? :P
Microraptor edit delete reply
Maaayyybe we will actually see a bit more of this wacky family in the future? Who knows? ;-) ;-)
Taily edit delete reply
Will it be anything like Full House??
Full Horse??????
Microraptor edit delete reply
One thing is for sure, it won't be like "Mister Ed"!

(Or Bojack Horseman.)
AmeliaP edit delete reply
Look who comes to dinner... or the horses have them FOR dinner XD
Microraptor edit delete reply
In any case, it will be a very interesting dinner! :-D