Comic 282 - Home Again
11th Jan 2018, 12:00 AM in The Magpie Heritage
Home Again
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Author Notes:
Microraptor edit delete
I bet you didn't expect this plot line to crop up again! :-D
Speaking of forgotten plot lines: Yes, I am aware that I didn't resolve the mystery about the incidents in the Paris catacombs yet. We'll get back to that very soon... ;-)
User comments:
Cooke edit delete reply
"Are you suffering from a deadly disease"

Kids have a way of lumping in the worst scenarios along with the most innocent as if it's all the same. I'm reminded of Kindergarten Cop.

"Is it a tumour?"

Microraptor edit delete reply
This comic having very few kid characters, I obviously don't get much practice in writing dialogue for kids - so I am glad that I got that aspect right on the first try! ^^

(Also, luckily for Tarik, Cleo finds the non-existent cat more interesting than the possibility of him having a deadly disease! :-D )
Chippewa Ghost edit delete reply
Chippewa Ghost
Children are terrible when it comes to awkward questions... but they get a lot worse than these!

@Cooke: Kindergarden Cop lol
Microraptor edit delete reply
That weird phase when they haven't yet developed any sense of tact...
MST3KFan edit delete reply

Tarik's sister is right on him for why Cleo has the sudden interest in pirates. XD

And Cleo asking if Tarik is suffering from a deadly disease. Yeah, he is. The "broken heartisist" disease.
Microraptor edit delete reply
Ceylan knows her brother very well of course - so I guess it's sisterly instinct and motherly instinct combined! :-D

And poor Tarik - while his condition is luckily not actually deadly, no doctor knows a simple and sure-fire cure for mending a "broken heart"...
JammyTheBirb edit delete reply
Aww XD She fixated on the cat thing rather than the disease idea XD thats kinda adorable.
Microraptor edit delete reply
Obviously she thinks that cats are way cuter than some mean old diseases! ;-)