Comic 382 - Childhood's End
24th Dec 2018, 12:00 AM in A ToyCo Christmas Carol
Childhood's End
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Author Notes:
Microraptor edit delete
Title Drop!

Also, if you look very closely, you can see that the doll has one red (though by now inactive) eye...

And yeah, this one ends a bit on a sad note...
But fear not, this story will be continued (that's the plan at least) on Christmas next year!
(And tomorrow there will be another small update.)
User comments:
lirvilas edit delete reply
Micro, I wouldn't assume that the Tiny dolls are "inactive".

The dolls are probably advertised as having full audio/visual recording capability... "Tiny Diaries" or something like that. The fact that that data goes somewhere else is the problem.

Bettina is probably confessing to the doll knowing full well that it's a confidante.


It also amuses me to no end how savagely different Tiny's wardrobe selections are in our respective works.
Microraptor edit delete reply
"Tiny Diaries", hehe...
That pun name proves to be very versatile...

And I am assuming what you mean is that Bettina tends to be dressed more... prudish in my works?
Well, obviously, my initial thought simply was that her clothes should be a feminine version of those of her brother.
(And thinking of this specific page here, I imagine that if teenage Bettina had shown a bit more skin, her father would have thrown a hissy fit, due to her "tarnishing the family's reputation"...)
ProfEtheric edit delete reply

What the heck happened to Timmy III to turn him into such a butthole? Was it the stress inflicted upon him by Timmy II? Or something worse?

LOVE the title drop!

EDIT: Merry Christmas, Micro!
Microraptor edit delete reply
Maybe I, or lrivilas, or whoever, will come up with a good "or something worse" in the future.
But for the time being... Yeah, the notion that Timmy II putting all that burden onto his son's shoulders didn't exactly have a positive influence on the latter's character - that is pretty much the implication here.
(This being loosely based upon A Christmas Carol, Timmy III is the most like Scrooge, if you think about it...)

Also, merry Christmas to you too, Prof!
(Though later today there will be a small Christmas bonus update.)
AmeliaP edit delete reply
I saw what this Mini Me is capable of, in another series XD
Microraptor edit delete reply
Yep, it's the ultimate spy tool!
JammyTheBirb edit delete reply
That last panel is such a good expression. That's heartbreaking!
Microraptor edit delete reply
Thank you!
By now I have portrayed people being very sad a few times already - but of course this doesn't mean that this comic is slowly evolving into one wherein everybody is gloomy all the time! ;-)
Candralar edit delete reply
The somber reminiscing of this Christmas story has a much different tone than the rest of the series. I'm looking forward to seeing where you take this when I get to Christmas 2019.
Microraptor edit delete reply
I guess one factor contributing to the tonal shift is that it ties in more with the spinoff Childhood's End rather than with the main comic.

And the direction I took for the continuation on Christmas 2019 was even surprising to me! ;-)
(And not even I know at the moment how exactly this trilogy will be concluded in 2020!)