Comic 488 - In a possible future...
1st Jan 2020, 12:00 AM
In a possible future...
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Author Notes:
Microraptor edit delete
Happy new year!

Obvious The Princess Bride reference is obvious. I just thought that it fits so well to Commander Rothemd's daughter. I got this idea from the answer I gave to a comment over here.

Furthermore, I thought that a flash-forward to the year 2030 would be fitting for New Year's Eve.
Note however, that this explicitly just a possible future. Sure, the thought of revisiting this scene in ten years (which would also provide that I am still doing Cryptida or at least spin-off by then) is kinda cool - but I don't want a to restrict my story-telling options all too much.
(Also it's probably not the same future as mentioned here. Dr. Deacon's future is more of an apocalyptic
rather than a cyberpunk one.)
User comments:
TheD-Wrek edit delete reply
Obvious reference is still good for a laugh. XD

Happy new year, dude. \o/
Microraptor edit delete reply
Here is another character who may quite probably have been inspired by Inigo Montoya. (Though not played for laughs - on the contrary, it gets infamously gory in the end!)

And happy new year to you too. :-)
lirvilas edit delete reply
Happy New Year as well! What's up with Candy's eye, did she trade it in for a cybernetic upgrade? Does it give her enhanced fighting skills? Does it feed her a steady drip of delectable memes?
Microraptor edit delete reply
That cybernetic eye - did she loose her real one in a fight, or did she volunteer for cyber-augmentation? And what are its functions? Those are really good question, which...
...I deliberately leave open for now, in order to leave room for future story developments. ;-)

(I just needed a visual indicator that she has physically changed in the ten years between now and 2030 - and I already gave Selene the grey tuft of hair...)
ProfEtheric edit delete reply
A truly classic reference!

One thing about Deacon's future there. It, too, is only one possibility... :)
Microraptor edit delete reply
A dirty little secret: I only watched The Princess Bride for the first time relatively recently, precisely because I wondered about what people were referencing all the time...
(E.g. I still had no clue whom Cooke was talking about in the comments over here!)

Also, I was as surprised as you probably were, when I saw Deacon in lirv's guest comic...
Candralar edit delete reply
And I've finally made it to the current year!
Microraptor edit delete reply
Since this particular page is taking place in... THE FUTURE, one could say that you even overshot the mark! ;-D