Comic 520 - Epilogue
22nd Apr 2020, 12:00 AM in Family Secrets
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Author Notes:
Microraptor edit delete
This time around, I made use of ComicFury's new "multiple page upload" feature to present you an extra long epilogue!

"Cайн байна уу?" means "Hello, how are you?" in Mongolian.

That one tomb raider may perhaps be in error when it comes to the historical accuracy of his statement, because it seems that the first weapons that could be described as guns got developed in East Asia just around the time of Genghis Khan...

It seems that Pierre-Renard eventually arrived at the correct mountaintop after all - and subsequently learned a thing or two from the monks living there...

Furthermore, he is still reacting quite testy when someone implies that he is a thief...

Also: The cult of Starry Wisdom...? Hmmm...


Before the start of next chapter, we'll continue with guest comics for the rest of the month!
User comments:
Ariane Eldar edit delete reply
Ariane Eldar
Babette, did you really dump that cute-cute guy for Tarik?! Pfffft, sounds like brainworms to me. About that... mongolian deathworm makes me think about my bratwa lover again, spank me.
Microraptor edit delete reply
Oh, Pierre-Renard is an overall cool (and honest) dude now, but back then Babette dumped him because he was a thief! (And Tarik incidentally was the one who exposed this thievery.)
The trauma of that messy break-up with Babette is what made Pierre-Renard the person he is today in the first place.

Also, back then he didn't have that badass beard yet...
Ariane Eldar edit delete reply
Ariane Eldar
Pffft, I don't worry about thieves. I find away things now and then myself.
lirvilas edit delete reply
Nice epilogue! I’m always a fan of unusually heavy content!
Microraptor edit delete reply
Thank you!

I thought doing sort of a foreshadowing teaser for next chapter would be cool - and I couldn't cram this idea with Pierre-Renard into just one page, at least not if it's supposed to be told properly.