Comic 540 - A Scaly Roadblock
6th Jul 2020, 12:00 AM in Dragon Slayers
A Scaly Roadblock
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Author Notes:
Microraptor edit delete
Some more cameos!
In the large panel, we have:
Richard Munch from Ignotus
Noah Arevodian from Last Spork in the Universe
And in the lower panel we have:
Rosa Mundi (as a human) from KICKS

The author of KICKS has been helping me with my comic's dialogue (editing grammar mistakes and odd phrasings) for about three months now, so it's about time for me to publicly express my appreciation for her contributions!
Thank you very much, Taily! :-)
User comments:
Taily edit delete reply
You're very welcome, Fabian! Always happy to help! :)
Microraptor edit delete reply
In Nyomi's recent critique of my comic, she is in one paragraph talking about the language in my comic, and how it at times can come off as overly formal. I want to draw your attention to the following sentence:

"I believe it’s getting better in the most recent pages, but it still was happening occasionally and I wanted to make you aware of it!"

Emphasis added by me - because I think the credit for this part belongs to you!! :-)
Taily edit delete reply
Aww, that's so great to hear that it's making a noticeable impact!! Thanks for passing that on, very gratifying!
lirvilas edit delete reply
someone better call parking enforcement

"what now?"
"now... we YouTube!"
Microraptor edit delete reply
Unfortunately (or rather fortunately?), Dora only has a camera for oldschool analogue film.
What she does not have however is any qualms to shoot a lot of disaster photos, as we'll soon see...
Candralar edit delete reply
I'm reminded of the chorus to the song The Dragon and Saint George by the band Ten -

Then the dragon came down to the deafening sound
Burning eyes like the winter sun
And such a terror unwound to this hellbound requiem
The beast a ravenous hound on the hunting ground
Breathes fire to the funeral drums
Now there's a dragon in town and he won't back down again
Now there's a dragon in town and he won't back down, I said
No he will never back down till the whole damned town is dead
Microraptor edit delete reply
Haha, awesome! :-D

This chapter's story gestated in my head while approximately the last third of lirv's Flyover Country was running. (I mean, see my usage of Starry Wisdom!), Thus, due to what I associated one of his main characters with, the legend of Saint George was indeed one of the things I was thinking about at the time.

(That being said though, there is the lore of another dragon slayer legend that will be of importance later...)
Candralar edit delete reply
I know you've done several crossover stories with different creators here. I can still follow everything going on in Cryptida easily enough, but I can see in some cases where it would be beneficial to read some of these other stories to get a better picture of things. A good example of this is that I've seen references to Starry Wisdom in the comments on some of the pages, but I'm not familiar with what that is. You guys are like Marvel where you have your own individual "movies" but they all interconnect to form a greater whole. :)
Microraptor edit delete reply
I love crossovers and all this shared universe stuff!
But of course one has to take care that the plot does not become impenetrable for readers who happen to not be familiar with "Other Comic XYZ". Apologies if I am not always fully succeeding in this regard...

The Church of Starry Wisdom is originally from the H.P. Lovecraft story The Haunter of the Dark.
It's introduction into our (as of yet still unnamed) shared universe however was in Prof Etheric's Autumn Bay, where they were one of the villains of its first Season. (I highly recommend reading the whole webcomic of course, but a part with a grand showdown versus Starry Wisdom is starting here.)
Soon thereafter, lirvilas picked them up via one of his major villains joining the cult (recognize the logo in the last panel here? ;-) ), and eventually did another great showdown involving them vs. the heroes in the chapter starting here. (Yes, those links lead to two different comics. That's just how lirv rolls.)
Well, and now... it's my turn to play with them a bit! :-)
SMAComix edit delete reply
I love it, thank you!
Microraptor edit delete reply
Glad you like it! :-D