Comic 556 - From One Dragon To The Next...
7th Sep 2020, 12:00 AM in Dragon Slayers
From One Dragon To The Next...
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Author Notes:
Microraptor edit delete
Bettina Timmy is amongst the few of my characters who actually have a catch phrase.
(The others would be Pierre-Renard's "I AM NOT A THIEF!", and Captain Camilla greeting everyone with "Ahoy!")

"Your Tiny Horsies" got first mentioned waaayyy back here.
User comments:
lirvilas edit delete reply
"Please, just call me Tiny!"

and ignore
-the heavily armored corporate facilities
-the weapons-grade research projects
-the savage and unquestioning private army
and the family history of merciless, murderous ambition

call her "Tiny" because she's TOTALLY HARMLESS
Microraptor edit delete reply
Interestingly, just the other day, she got compared to Lex Luthor in the forums...
Ariane Eldar edit delete reply
Ariane Eldar
Spank me, I am on her contact list?
I wonder if that's good or bad-bad thing.

And Tiny...Timmy? I shall call her Tiny Timmy then, hahahahaha! Go and get your ukulele, but don't fall off the stage!

"And tiptoe through the mines with me!"
Microraptor edit delete reply
As lirvilas pointed out, Bettina Timmy having such silly nickname as "Tiny" can be considered deceptive to an outright dangerous level...

So yeah, beware the mines, Emily, should you indeed accept this offer...
Stilldown edit delete reply
As sometimes, Ariane is a bit cruel here.
Although I can't stand the sound of the ukulele either and I find Tiny Tim's singing extremly unnerving, he did his thing his way despite being ridiculed and bullied by the mainstream and even had some success with it (the queen had all his records and loved "tipto through the tulips best). You could compare him a little bit to the much later Klaus Nomi, but only a little.
Getting on stage as an old guy against doctor's device was his final rebellion and he had his fatal heart attack while he did his greatest hit "Walking tiptoe through the tulips" (not composed by him, that song was already popular in the 1920ies, but Tiny Tim's cover version made it really popular).
But I imagine Emily's singing worse, as she isn't the outsider eccentric, but more mainstream pseudo folk-pop...
Nevertheless, Tiny Tim and Tiny Timmy might share a taste in clothing.
Microraptor edit delete reply
Yes, I was already suspecting that Ariane was referencing somebody... and found this video.

In fact though, Bettina "Tiny" Timmy started out in my mind as a female version of her brother Timothy A. Timmy III. So the last name was already set. And looking for a good first name, the only thing that came to my mind back then was the character Tiny Tim from A Christmas Carol. Hence I decided that "Tiny" should be a short form for "Bettina".
Stilldown edit delete reply
Tiny Tim did take his name from the Dickens novel.
The funny thing is, Tiny Tim did cover a lot o different songs in his disturbing falsetto voice - The Doors, Jerry Lee Lewis (Great Balls Of Fire), Pink Floyd (Another Brick In The wall), but he as he covered "Staying alive" from the Bee gees (in their later "shrieking phase",) he started singing in a normal voice. Obviously he wasn't as mad as often said, but did have some humour. The last I recall of him is the picture when he was lying in the open coffin in 1996, not looking much different then 1968, with the ukulele lying on his chest, later buried with him (and a single tulip) in a mausoleum. He really should appear in a comic one day, if he hasn't already.

But I fear Ariane will stick with Tiny Timmy, seeing her as a kind ofe lost little sister of the legendary performer.
Microraptor edit delete reply
Haha, found the Staying Alive one! :-D