Comic 605 - Cover # 25
2nd Feb 2021, 12:00 AM in The Butterfly Ruby Heist - Part 1
Cover # 25
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Author Notes:
Microraptor edit delete
Showing the cover after six pages has to be the record so far.
But I didn't want to prematurely spoil the appearance of this ruby! ;-)
(Although if you've already read the chapter's title in the archive...)

Also, you may have noticed that this is "Part I" - but the second part may not necessarily be the next chapter...

(Main inspiration for this cover: The promo artwork for the 2013 adaption of The Great Gatsby. That story takes place in the Roaring Twenties too, after all.)
User comments:
lirvilas edit delete reply
Tiny's got to have the curiosity to dig up the history on this thing...
Microraptor edit delete reply
Oh, back in the present day, somebody will put one and one together...

(You see, I wouldn't boldly proclaim that there will be a Part II of this story, if I didn't already know at least roughly what will happen there...)