Comic 634 - Cleo's Kirk Summation
10th May 2021, 12:00 AM in The Butterfly Ruby Heist - Part 1
Cleo's Kirk Summation
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Author Notes:
Microraptor edit delete
Remember that bit in Antoine's biography about him rescuing Jewish families during WWII?
Cleo may just have nudged the timeline into that direction...

Also, can you spot the continuity error in this page?
And can you tell me why I deliberately included a continuity error?
User comments:
lirvilas edit delete reply
argh, I must be too tired to spot it
Microraptor edit delete reply
Okay, that tells me that it's indeed not immediately obvious.
Good, good...

(Remember when Camilla threw the Golden Apple with the "wrong" hand? I'd say this is - more or less - on the same level...)
Ariane Eldar edit delete reply
Ariane Eldar
Pffffft, the old hide-the-gun game?
Microraptor edit delete reply
Yes, well observed! Duval's gun isn't in his hand anymore - he put it into his waistband.
(Being dark metal against dark clothes, it may not be visible that well, but it's also not exactly hidden.)
The question is: Why did he do that? ;-)
argylefox edit delete reply
I thought it was either that or the blonde lady's necklace missing in the last panel.
Microraptor edit delete reply
Yes! Another good observation!!

But there's no "either ... or".
Both are pieces of the same puzzle! ;-)