Comic 642 - The Princess of Autumn Bay
7th Jun 2021, 12:00 AM in Emily and the City
The Princess of Autumn Bay
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Author Notes:
Microraptor edit delete
Marie-Ange Lebeau was a prominent character in Autumn Bay 1.0, the version of the comic before it got rebooted.
You can still read her adventure involving dimensional travel in Wayfarers of the Beyond, though.
In the current version of AB, she just made a few cameos here and there so far.
(Oh, and she also cameoed in Cryptida once!)

The man approached by Lena is Augustus Alexander.
I'll tell you a bit more about Gus next page...

Also, yes, I'm, paying a bit of lip service to the whole Covid-19 situation in panel 2.
(To be honest, one of the reasons why I spent almost half a year with a time travel story is so that I didn't have to struggle with writing around that stuff...)
User comments:
lirvilas edit delete reply
Granted I haven't been looking (and yes, comics are an escape for many) but I've been surprised by the general lack of acknowledgement for COVID.


Where'd you get the "art"?
Microraptor edit delete reply
I can't speak for other creators of course, but I think a main reason is that integrating covid lockdowns into a comic can be so dang inconvenient, especially if it's not supposed to be the focus of the story:
Can't show your characters in restaurants, or traveling, or in general at gatherings, social distancing is a hassle when you want to show your characters interact via their body language, and everyone has to wear masks...
(Heck, it may well have been that last year I wouldn't even have bothered with the masks if I didn't have the idea that the Starry Wisdom people would look more creepy with their logo right over their mouths...)

As for the "art", whenever I want something to look like an in-universe painting, I simply use the watercolor brush in my drawing program - seems perfectly logical to me. ^^