Comic 643 - An Awkward Conversation
10th Jun 2021, 12:00 AM in Emily and the City
An Awkward Conversation
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Author Notes:
Microraptor edit delete
On to a character meeting that has been playing out like this in my head for a long time...

Augustus Alexander (also known Gus, although Lena simply calling him that without permission seems a bit rude) is one of Autumn Bay's primary "chess masters".

Lena refers here to the fact that his manipulations led to the events of Childhood's End, in which Tona Zehm's paramilitary troops stormed ToyCo Headquarters, traumatized the employees, battled with the security system, and assassinated the CEO.
We also saw Lena earlier in this story. It thus follows that she must have been present too during the later events.

As Lena indicates, she also saw Gus at the stage of the Gernsbeck Economic Forum, where he talked about his newly merged company MARSEC.
It seems that Lena would have liked to approach him, but then a car bomb prompted Tiny (and thus Lena as her company) to leave immediately for Monaco.

When Gus is mumbling that not all branches of MARSEC are doing that well, he's quite certainly thinking about that one in Anvil Flats...

Also, we can see better now that Lena chose to wear a more subtle Starry Wisdom choker today, because she knows that this cult isn't exactly that popular amongst certain folks in Autumn Bay...
User comments:
lirvilas edit delete reply
wow, nice callback

Couple reactions to this:

-Even understanding that those pages were written in late 2018, it's disturbing to hear characters referring to canon events that occurred in 2017. Time flies...

-I know I wrote it, but Timmy and Tiny's dueling dialogue still gives me chills. I'm very proud of those half dozen pages.
Microraptor edit delete reply
I think I had this idea for this little scene not all too long after Childhood's End - and only now an opportunity to actually do this cropped up!
(Even though I'm not really sure what Lena is trying to achieve here...)

- Yep, time flies!
Except perhaps for Cleo, it hasn't come to the point yet where I'd need to noticeably age up any characters, but that day may come eventually...

- And Childhood's End is always a joy to reread! :-)
I still feel very honored that you chose my characters to tell such a cool story!
ProfEtheric edit delete reply
@ lirv: ...and some of us have characters still stuck in 2017... That dialogue was some good stuff, though.

@ Micro: Speaking of getting chills, that AB page you linked... damn, that was one of my better ones.
Microraptor edit delete reply
The whole Mercy vs. Starry Wisdom scene is one of your comic's highlights!

(And then Mercy literally lights up things. ;-) )