Comic 66 - L’Exposition
18th Jul 2015, 12:00 AM in The Beast of Gévaudan
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Author Notes:
Microraptor edit delete
Now some people may ask: "Where is Mirabell?" If I learned anything from the Salzburg-chapter, then that it is not that easy to juggle such a huge cast. Therefore I've left Mira at home this time. (Who needs a botanist to catch a big animal anyway? ;-) ) But don't worry, Mirabell-fans*, she is not completely written out of the comic, and will reappear again one day!

* Do I even have enough readers that I can subcategorize them like this? #TeamMirabell, #TeamPeter, et cetera? ;-)
User comments:
AmeliaP edit delete reply
why am I reading this with everybody with French accent in my mind? XD
Microraptor edit delete reply
Well, Monsieur Cuvier in the last panel would logically have a French accent when speaking anything other than French.
Or is it the other way around, and everyone else is speaking (accented) French in this scene for his benefit??
I realize that I haven't properly established in which language they are "actually" talking here...

The only time I have actually phonetically written out a French accent (or any accent) in this comic, comes waayy later, to indicate that someone is mocking another character's French accent. (That one of Babette incidentally, who appears the first time in this chapter here!)
BlueDragon edit delete reply
Jules Verne would be proud of how long that title is for the institute.
Microraptor edit delete reply
Yeah, unfortunately, I may have screwed up here, because I didn't understand how the French university system works, and tried to directly translate the (it seems almost solely German) concept of "Technische Hochschule"...