Comic 668 - Mrs. Bean
6th Sep 2021, 12:00 AM in Emily and the City
Mrs. Bean
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Author Notes:
Microraptor edit delete
And we're back to our ongoing storyline!

I decided to elevate Felicia Kingsley's and Jouko Jousimies' background cameos to a little B-plot (or C-plot?), which will serve to introduce (in the next page) one final player before the climax...

The two people coming out of this Drake-owned building are two of his business partners.
The first one is mining industry tycoon Silvio D'Argentino AKA the Silverback. He also already had a cameo in Playground.
The second one is Lieutenant Ratel Nyegere, who is here on behalf of her boss, Playground's main villain General Mbuni. We already saw her involvement in Mbuni's coffee trade over in Grinder$.


Oh BTW, I've been overhauling my cast page.
Check it out!
User comments:
Jeremy7 edit delete reply
The Coffee Trade:

Also nice work on the cast page.
Microraptor edit delete reply
But don't worry, the Koganans are experts in making people dead...

Also, thanks!
The cast page will probably continue to be a WIP for quite some time. (Oof, why do I have so many damn characters!?), but I like how it turned out so far!
lirvilas edit delete reply
Felicia is not being very smart approaching an assassin on the job... who is he aiming for?

Also, that cast page is impressive... you don't have much choice with all your characters
Microraptor edit delete reply
Who Jouko's target is, is left intentionally ambiguous.
Could just as well be either Nyegere or the Silverback.
Or maybe he's waiting for old Drake himself to come out.
Or maybe he's even after someone completely different, who never appeared in any comic before!
(The presumption here is that there ought to be a lot of potential assassination targets who're somehow associated with Drake Industries..)

And thanks - overhauling the cast page was long overdue!
And I have a whole list of characters I still need to add...
SchipLover edit delete reply
How often does Jouko miss? That is a really weird grip by the trigger hand.

Microraptor edit delete reply
Hey, the last time we saw Jouko, he actually did not miss! It was a perfect head shot even!
It's not his fault that the target survived via the magical effect of bathing in dragon blood!

As for the trigger hand, yeah well...
I really should adopt the habit of using more picture references for this kind of stuff...