Comic 671 - The Last Sushi
16th Sep 2021, 12:00 AM in Emily and the City
The Last Sushi
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Author Notes:
Microraptor edit delete
Heddohon had to quickly abort pulling out her tantō, because stabbing the company CEO's daughter directly in front of him wouldn't be very wise...
User comments:
Stilldown edit delete reply
I wouldn't stab anyone for the last piece of sushi. Only for the last bottle of beer or wine.
Microraptor edit delete reply
Since it's the break room at their workplace, if there's any alcohol, it's probably supposed to be just for special occasions...
Stilldown edit delete reply
And the butler kept the key to the tantalus after his job was "rationalized".
Microraptor edit delete reply
The butler's last revenge!
lirvilas edit delete reply
prone grappling isn't a strong point of karate

man, you are digging up some obscure Autumn Bay characters, and Mitsuko was definitely one where Prof showed off his chops
Microraptor edit delete reply
Re: Grappling...
Admittedly, the idea of Mr. Takira catching them entangled in mid-fight worked better in my head...

Re: Digging up obscure AB characters...
Ha, look who's talking! ;-)
(*cough* Augustus Alexander *cough* MJ Stonecastle *chough*)
Skimming through my PMs, it seems it was actually Prof who brought up Mitsuko first, when mentioning who would be in Marie-Ange's social circle. I then just jumped at the Takira connection with Heddohon's headphones.

Re: Prof showing his chops...
Working on this chapter made me appreciate Prof's use of color a lot!
E.g. in the case of Mitsuko, when I used the one 30 Days picture to extrapolate her ninja outfit as well as the Takira interior seen here - but my favorite came to be Marie-Ange's color scheme!