Comic 705 - Campus Stroll
9th Dec 2021, 12:00 AM in The Guitar
Campus Stroll
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Author Notes:
Microraptor edit delete
Most of you may have already figured this out by now:
Tarik of course associates the name Doyle with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the inventor of Tarik's favorite literary character, Sherlock Holmes.
Thus he gave Jade his copy of A Study in Scarlet to read.
(The picture that was in the background, by Sidney Paget, was drawn for another Holmes story though.)

Also, there are a lot of interesting people on the campus of Gernsbeck University...

- You may remember Tessa.
It seems Starry Wisdom is attempting to proselytize on campus grounds now.
How audacious!

- The girl in the foreground of the first panel is Gemini "Gem" Greene from Kraken.
She's currently touring different universities, in order to choose on which one to start studying soon - hence the university's brochure in her hand.

- The guy strolling around on the right side of the first panel is Julian Linz from Altarion Saga: Atlantis!

- The girl in the background of the third panel is Clover "Patches" Green from JammyTheBirb's upcoming project Half Moon.
She's an American weredog on travel, in order to e.g. look at statues...

(Coincidentally two girls with almost the same surname. But - as far as we know - Gem and Patches aren't related...)

- The statue Patches is looking at is Medea, who already appeared in Cryptida. The Cryptida team also met her during their second Atlantis expedition. It seems that after the Head of Medusa turning her to stone, they brought her with them to Gernsbeck.
(For safety reasons, the real Trident of Poseidon was exchanged for a replica however!)

But who on Earth did Kanny spot there...?
User comments:
whiteshaix edit delete reply
Nice cameos. ;)
Julian will drop out as soon as he realizes there isn't a firing range on campus, I bet.
Poor Tarik, his friend is avoiding him and every automaton hates him.
Microraptor edit delete reply
The "glass half full" perspective:

- At least Tarik himself is not the reason why Peter is avoiding him!

- And not every automaton hates him, only one particular one...
Octopus Ink edit delete reply
Octopus Ink
Hurray for cameos!!
Good to see Gem here! Thank you for including her!

Starry Wisdom has infiltrated the campus?!!
(Hopefully somebody has Mercy Black on speed-dial!)
Microraptor edit delete reply
It was a pleasure to include Gem, she has an interesting character design! :-)

And I dunno if trying to push pamphlets on hastily passing students who mostly ignore you already counts as "infiltration"...
Octopus Ink edit delete reply
Octopus Ink
True enough.
But, with Starry Wisdom, they're very presence can be a sign of Bad Tidings.
Perhaps they WANT the students and staff to ignore their presence and get used to seeing them around.
That ensures that no one would notice anything nefarious until it was much too late!
Microraptor edit delete reply
The Gernsbeck chapter of Starry Wisdom is run by Lena Santorini, and who knows what mischievous things that girl is planning...

Or what plans she'll... spontaneously form? (*hint hint wink wink*)
lirvilas edit delete reply
Grad students!

Where common sense ain’t that common.
Microraptor edit delete reply
And you know who has even less common sense?


Next page we'll meet one of them...