Comic 719 - Amends
21st Jan 2022, 12:00 AM in The Guitar
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Author Notes:
Microraptor edit delete
I drew this page entirely on my laptop (as opposed to my desktop computer) - is there any difference in quality noticeable?
User comments:
Octopus Ink edit delete reply
Octopus Ink
looks good to me!
(What program do you use?)

Even though the other ladies were frightened, they still should have explained their motivations for the attack.
I mean, if they're completely innocent, it seems a bit fishy to me that THEY didn't register the similarities. I mean, "normal" people have mirrors, right?
I mean, if I ran across my doppelganger, I would DEFINITELY comment on it!
Microraptor edit delete reply
I'm using FireAlpaca!
The program itself worked perfectly well on my laptop - but in comparison to my desktop computer, it was like drawing on a post card!

Mira and Traudi completely botched finding any explanation for their doppelgängers'... doppelgänger-ness. (If there even is any beyond this being pure coincidence.)
Nevertheless, soon they will at least discover one small revelation about them... ;-)
lirvilas edit delete reply
I don't think most of us would fight our own doppelgängers, if only because our internal picture of our own appearance is typically at odds with reality.


on an unrelated note, is this why women get super super pissed when someone else is wearing the same outfit?
Microraptor edit delete reply
I never understood that "pissed when same outfit" thing....
Shouldn't the logic rather be: "She has a similar fashion sense as me." ---> "We'll surely get along splendid!"?
Jaycee Storm edit delete reply
Jaycee Storm
Yup, you guys REALLY screwed up. 😬
Microraptor edit delete reply