Comic 779 - Departure
27th Jun 2022, 12:00 AM in Underground
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Author Notes:
Microraptor edit delete
Denise's dad Hank Balfour used to have a more travel-related work-life before his Maerc/MARSEC job in Anvil Flats...

Also, here's a close-up of the magazine she's reading.
(Creating those is fun!)

User comments:
lirvilas edit delete reply
”My monthly trip to Germany”

That’s a menstrual euphemism if I’ve ever heard one! Lol
Microraptor edit delete reply
While the magazine cover is filled to the brim with Easter eggs, this reference was unintentional.
In fact, I tried (and apparently failed) to phrase it so that it doesn't sound like a double entendre...
Stever edit delete reply
To me jet lag always feel like I've had a couple too many the night before.

Love the bowtie cover XD
Microraptor edit delete reply
With Hank, who knows if having had a couple too many wasn't also a factor for his jet lag? ;-)

Also, thanks! :-)
The bowties are reference to one of lirv's Top Webcomic vote incentives, in which Denise had a bowtie bikini outfit.
(And the robot thing is of course a reference to this page.)
Ariane Eldar edit delete reply
Ariane Eldar
Pffft, we don't know how Emily flies! Although doing the Lindberg is quite-quite long.
And Bernadette, haven't got enough from Trickster tops? Hahaha!
Microraptor edit delete reply
Who knows if Bernadette isn't using this opportunity to completely badmouth Trickster as petty revenge for that incident... ;-)
Ariane Eldar edit delete reply
Ariane Eldar
Quite-quite possible!
ProfEtheric edit delete reply
Dang. Those linkbacks really show the contextual density y'all have been cooking up whilst my fields have lain fallow...
Microraptor edit delete reply
The spider web of contextual density has grown very thick by now!
It's lirv's setting, and Bettina Timmy is is the only character visible on this page who has been created by me! (Oh, and the robot too I guess.)

And enjoying to throw in dozens of links into the comments is something we both have in common, I think! ^^