Here are links to spin-offs that my little comic, to my own amazement, has spawned.

Childhood's End
The fateful final days of the President and Chief Executive Officer of Timmy's ToyCo, Timothy A. Timmy III. A heady convergence of Cryptida, Autumn Bay and the Let It Ride Saga.
Written mainly by lirvilas, with small contributions by me.

Playgound - A Cryptida Adventure
A shocking event at an economic summit forces Bettina "Tiny" Timmy, the CEO of Timmy's ToyCo, to retreat to Monaco. But danger may have followed her...
A spin-off to Cryptida and sequel to Childhood's End, featuring characters from the Let It Ride-verse and from Autumn Bay.
Written by lirvilas and me.

Erwin the Quantum Cat - the lost episodes
See Cleo's favourite TV show featuring Erwin the Quantum Cat, Ariane Eldar (from Theatre of the Bloody Tongue) as Kitty, and others. It's a children show made around 1978 to 1982 about a cat explaining science.
Curated by Stilldown, with stories by him and me - but everyone else is invited to contribute too!